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I'm am a reliable consultant that love to put my customers needs first, to ensure their final custom designed jewellery piece is above & beyond the standard of what they dreamed of, but cautious taking in consideration your budget and your needs and meeting a middle ground. I am a sales & design consultant, with a passion to assist customers with determining gem stones options, metal options and custom designs, hand drawn design during consultation and quoted according to specifications of the design according to their price range.
With more than 10 years in the jewellery industry, coordinating the order and follow through of the digital design, stones, workshop, and then quality control once the piece is completed and executing final design according to customers needs does come like second nature.
My jewellery pieces are not mass produced and in definition are manufactured to a higher quality, as there is no weight limit to each piece manufactured. I specialise in finding a balance between having the best quality possible and staying within a customers budget, by assisting with alternative options without loosing sight of expectations regarding the design and the quality.
Every person wants to give their loved one the best they can, I try to make your journey to the most unique & dream worthy piece as mindful and pleasurable as possible.